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Puffup Power up 5k Watermelon Ice 20mg/mL disposable

Puffup Power up 5k Watermelon Ice 20mg/mL disposable

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Watermelon Ice: The most epic watermelon flavour. Sweet and juicyjust the way we like it!
100% Authentic
PuffUP PowerUP 5K.  PuffUp PowerUp 5000 puff disposable device delivers amplified flavour performance from a brilliantly engineered Corex Coil technology. With a built-in Morph-Mesh coil structure, the PowerUp 5k’s microfibre cotton wick delivers outstanding flavour retention without dry hits or burnt taste. Enjoy the “enhanced 50 feel” nicotine for a stronger hit from a still legal 20mg/mL concentration.  This 10ml of endless e-liquid will seemingly last forever, as you do not need to recharge the PuffUp PowerUp since its 2000 mAh battery comes fully charged and will last the entire length of the juice.

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