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Uwell Caliburn X vaping device kit Lake Green

Uwell Caliburn X vaping device kit Lake Green

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The new UWELL Caliburn X pod is a technologically advanced and stylish vape kit that holds several new features that triumph over our previous pods. With the X pod, we updated the draw button to have a hold and release function which will make the vaping process smoother, as well as added in our pro-focus technology which will give your vape a much more authentic and adjustable flavor.

We made changing the e-liquid easier by adding in a check window which will allow you to see how much liquid is left in the cartridge, as well as making the drip tip cartridge easily removable to replace your e-liquid. The cartridge is easily connectable to the rest of the pod body by its new magnetic force, ensuring that the tip of the vape will never fall off easily.

Our new battery life is so quick that it will only take 35 minutes to charge to 90% capacity, so you'll never have to wait around for the vape pod to be fully useable. In addition to all our technological features, we have 6 different colors for you to choose from

With a look and style similar to our previous pods, but features that differ wildly from them, the UWELL Cailburn X pod has everything you need to have the best vaping experience possible.

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