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Atlantis By NZVN 8000 Green applelicious 20mg/mL disposable

Atlantis By NZVN 8000 Green applelicious 20mg/mL disposable

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Introducing the NVZN Atlantis - a true game-changer in tank-style vaping technology

The NVZN Atlantis boasts a one-of-a-kind transparent design, offering a mesmerizing view of e-liquids swirling within it:

What sets it apart is not only its captivating visual experience but also its cutting-edge leakage prevention techr ensuring a seamless and mess-free vaping adventure.

With up to an astounding 8000 puffs, this highly compact yet powerful tank-style vape device redefines longevity, innovative construction ensures efficient liguid utilization with minimal cotton usage.


Product Specs

Puff Count = 8.000

Liquid Volume = 14 ml

Nicotine Strength = 20 mg/mL

Sweetness = Medium (close to Drip'n)

Battery = 500 mAh

Shape = Box Transparent tank

Dimensions = 73 Γ— 45 x 24 mm

Power = 11.5 W

Coil Resistance = 1.0 Ohm

Key Features

  1. Β  Innovative Tank
  2. Β  Optimized Vaporization
  3. Β  Compact Design
  4. Β  Tri-color Battery Indicator

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