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Allo sync lemon lime cranberry 20mg/mL pods

Allo sync lemon lime cranberry 20mg/mL pods

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Lemon Lime Cranberry Allo Sync pods are a combination of citrus lemon and lime with a smooth cranberry topping. Designed by the creators of Allo disposable vapes, Allo pods are STLTH compatible, meaning that any STLTH pods or Allo Sync pods can be used on either the Allo Sync device or the STLTH device. Each pack of Allo pods contain 3 pods with 2mL of eJuice per pod, with a coloured o-ring to help distinguish between flavours. Utilising a mesh coil, Allo Sync pods deliver an even burn, increasing flavour and ensuring you get every last drop of eJuice before the coil is burnt out.

Compatible Pods:

Compatible Device:


  • 3 pods per pack
  • 2mL per pod
  • Mesh coil
  • Colour o-ring
  • STLTH pod compatible

Package Contains:

  • 3x Allo Sync Pods

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